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Pre-order of GKDoll

For one and a half years develop.Goukaou Kigurumi Studio going to launch out new series, GKDoll. GKDoll is more reality style than our existing mask. The facial expression is more like a lovely doll. Not only for cosplay but also suit for lolita fashion. Players can wearing it alone or with our BJD body suit, gloves and thigh high stockings.

The first- Lady Cocoa.
She is an intelligent, perceptive but a little willful girl.
You can choose from six kind of ear, four kind of makeup, five hair style, ten hair color and ten kind of eyes to make your own GK doll.
It also could be full head mask or normal mask.

GKDoll Price
GKDoll-Cocoa set:800USD(24800$TWD)
(include one mask, a pair of eyes, a pair of ears, one wig,and mask padding)
shipping fee:47USD(1457$TWD)
※ If you live in NA/EU/OA these three area, please remember to add 【Freight Spread-27USD(837TWD)】in to shopping cart as for the shipping fee is higher than other area.

GKDoll use GKO newest removable structure technique.
Not only eyes can be changeable, we provide changeable ears this time.
For the wig, we also provide stationary type and could be change type for player to choose.

GKDoll Pre-Order Form
The shipping and contact information will be followed according to this form,
the order item and the amount will be based on to the PAYPAL payment.

Basic item(it will include one each at mask set)
Make up:Three kind of makeup
GK doll provide three different kind of makeup for you to choose.
Cocoa M01mix (1)_2 Cocoa M02 mix_2
Cocoa M03 mix_3-S 200316-001_S.jpg


EA01_S.jpg DSC_0920_S.jpg EA03_S.jpg
EA04_S.jpg EA05_S.jpg EA06_S.jpg

2020040921501238d.jpg 20200409215013f9f.jpg M03 mix_2
H04 mix_2 H05 mix

Hair color:

Additional purchase items(Special price only with purchase the mask)
Add a pair of eyes:40USD($1240TWD)
Add a pair of ears:50USD($1550TWD)
Add a hair:150USD($4650TWD)
Add GPZ-04《BJD Suit》:110USD($3410TWD)
Add GPZ-04《BJD Suit》Long gloves and knee sockes per one pair:40USD($1240TWD)

※Because the shipping fee have unknown error last time, so we make some modifications about it.
Please add the the Freight Fee option into shipping cart according to your address. Like【JP/Asia_Freight Fee-47USD(1457TWD)】or【NA/EU/OA_Freight Fee-74USD(2294TWD)】.

Pre-Order of GKDoll



Mask size:(the same with GPM series)
Up to Down: 29.5cm
Left to Right: 16.5~19cm(Not over 19cm can use)
Front to Back: 24cm
Cocoa’s mask size is as same as GPM series.
Model's information:At left height:155cm,Shoulder:34cm;At right:height:165cm Shoulder:38cm