Goukaou Kigurumi Studio


Special pre-order of GPZ-04-Transparent Zentaisuit

We have some idea about transparent bodysuit. If you are interest in it welcome to join us.


Detail of suit:
Square size: 2.5*2.5cm
Fabric is as same as our GPZ-04-BJD suit. We provide customizing size and Cleavage line.
We take your customizing orders; please fill out your body sizes carefully. Online Ordering page

Price:(The cost list here is not included shipping fee.)
GPZ-04-T: 135USD
GPZ-04-T + cleavage line without fake breast : 165USD
GPZ-04-T + B cup: 177USD
GPZ-04-T + C cup: 183USD
GPZ-04-T + D cup: 189USD
GPZ-04-T + E cup: 201USD
GPZ-04-T + F cup: 213USD
Due the the different shipping fee in different country, please notice the available area of paying button

It takes 6 weeks to produce your demands.

Paypal buttom for Europe, North America and Oceania

NA_EU_OA_GPZ-04-Transparent zentai suit with shipping fee

Paypal buttom for Japan and Asia

JP_Asia_GPZ-04-Transparent zentaisuit with shipping fee

Payment: by PAYPAL