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GPZ-03-3mm “Tumbler” and “Mummy” style of tights

GPZ-03-3mm “Tumbler” and “Mummy” style of tights

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About the material for GPZ-03-3mm super thick
There was a model who like to do Yoga very much, she feels like wearing a Yoga mat on when she was wearing GPZ-03-3mm.
We are thinking of how to use the characteristic of this material which the thickness, protectable, safety feeling are so great.
We are going to start the pre-order of “Tumbler” and “Mummy” two different style of tights from 4/16-4/29.
This series will not support to make the Cleavage Line and will only use GPZ-03-3mm super thick.

This time we chose a lighter material but better elasticity and color.
It is a perfect manufacturer which has cooperated with many famous international brands of underwear, women cloth and sportswear, and they understand very well about women’s underclothing.

GKO-Standard Skin Color 3mm

3mm-tumbler,mummy: 180USD(5580TWD)
Shipping Fee:
Japan and Asia 20USD(610TWD)
Europe, North America and Oceania 27USD(840TWD)

Customizing items
Tumbler               Mummy
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Facial opening, Crotch opening.

We take your customizing orders; please fill out your body sizes carefully. Online Ordering page

Paypal buttom for Europe, North America and Oceania

NA_EU_OA_Pre-Order of GPZ-03-3mm-tumbler,mummy

Paypal buttom for Japan and Asia

JP_Asia_Pre-Order of GPZ-03-3mm-tumbler,mummy

Payment: by PAYPAL

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How to wash:
We suggest you to wash by hands with woolite fabric wash.
Please use laundry bags before using washing machine.
Dry the suits without sunshine.