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GPZ-03 Super Thick Zentai Suit with customizing orders

GPZ-03 Super Thick Zentai Suit with customizing orders

IMG_5739_R2JM_S.jpg IMG_5725_R2JM_S.jpg IMG_5712_R2JM_S.jpg

This time we will have two kinds of thickness : 1mm and 3mm, and will also have option with tailor-made based on our standard skin color.
The difficulty of the making is getting higher, our cost was also higher than before, but because of the support from all the players, we managed to provide them in a better quality within same price as before.
We have use YKK zipper.

We have used the same color and texture as last time, the thickness, weight and the elasticity were all best quality. It is two times thicker compares to GPZ-02, players will be able to have the same results of opaque and sculpting when wearing only one layer but not two.
Compare to 3mm, this one is suitable for wearing outdoors during winter.

IMG_5715_R2JM_S.jpg IMG_5761_R2JM_S.jpg

This time we chose a lighter material but better elasticity and color.
It is a perfect manufacturer which has cooperated with many famous international brands of underwear, women cloth and sportswear, and they understand very well about women’s underclothing.

IMG_5048_R2JM_S.jpg IMG_5051_R2JM_S_2017091601551877b.jpg

Cloth 布料:
GKO-Standard Skin Color 1mm
GKO-Standard Skin Color 3mm

Price: (The cost list here is not included shipping fee.)
GPZ-03: 195USD
GPZ-03 + cleavage line without fake breast : 225USD
GPZ-03 + B cup: 237USD
GPZ-03 + C cup: 243USD
GPZ-03 + D cup: 249USD
GPZ-03 + E cup: 261USD
GPZ-03 + F cup: 273USD

We take your customizing orders; please fill out your body sizes carefully. Online Ordering page

The photos of measure positions.

Due the the different shipping fee in different country, please notice the available area of paying button
Paypal buttom for Europe, North America and Oceania
(The weight of breast cups will affect the shipping fee, the shipping fee is included in the price )

NA_EU_OA_Pre-Order of GPZ-03 with customizing orders

Paypal buttom for Japan and Asia
(The weight of breast cups will affect the shipping fee, the shipping fee is included in the price )

JP_Asia_Pre-Order of GPZ-03 with customizing orders

Payment: by PAYPAL

It takes 6 weeks to produce your demands.
Customizing items: Cleavage line, Facial opening, Crotch opening.

How to wash:
We suggest you to wash by hands with woolite fabric wash.
Please use laundry bags before using washing machine.
Dry the suits without sunshine.





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