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Pre-Order of GPB-01 GouKaBoxer

These time we are going to provide a new product called “GouKaBoxer :GPB-1”
Named GPB-1 also means that there will be more products based on player’s needs and advices.


Product Description:
When the wildest dream of customers meets GouKaOu who has rich experience of life and series persistence about safe and health. Worked together with our Latex manufacturers, and develop a brand new product which point on the functionality and simply constructed of wearing.

Function of the products:
For helping the players to put on and set the commercially available masturbation cup into the GouKaouBox easier, and be able to have more desirable interaction.
To be more entertainment, we also add a space that is specially designed at the back.

Applicable object: Latex, KIG, Cross-dressing, Furry Players...etc.


Item List
Usual size :54USD (Can be sent directly, Limited quantity, need to wait when it's sold out.)
GPB-01-S size Waist68cm、Hip88cm、Thigh46cm
GPB-01-M size Waist76cm、Hip96cm、Thigh50cm
GPB-01-L size Waist84cm、Hip104cm、Thigh54cm
GPB-01-XL size Waist92cm、Hip112cm、Thigh58cm

Tailor-made :119USD(Need to wait for about one month after pre-order)
GPB-01-C GKB Online Ordering page
After we receive your payment and body sizes, we will notify you by email.
After we packaging and delivering your products, we will send you emails for notification.

Sample (small amount):42USD(thicker inflatable tube, unmeticulous, lower price, no replenishment when soldout)
GPB-00-S size Waist68cm、Hip88cm、Thigh46cm
GPB-00-M size Waist76cm、Hip96cm、Thigh50cm
GPB-00-L size Waist84cm、Hip104cm、Thigh54cm
GPB-00-XL size Waist92cm、Hip112cm、Thigh58cm

Shipping fee:22USD


Pre-Order of GPB-01
Telephone Number for shipping


Texture :Latex fabric、Latex tube, Lates inflatable ball、Metal valve

GKB-01 using recommendation:(masturbation cup needs to be bought separately by yourself)
>TENGA(usual recommendation, do not support: US,EGG,POCKET)
>R-20(2nd generation will be better)
>Other suggestion of masturbation cup:
diameter around 5.5-6.5cm, wider opening, length indiscriminate ( there are covered buttons inside the GouKaBoxer  to regulate any length of hte masturbation cup)
If the masturbation cup is too small it will be easy to slip out, also if the dimensions of the entrance is too small it will also be difficult to aim.


The suggestion of putting masturbation cup into GouKaBoxer:
Using appropriate amount of  waterborne lubricants around the masturbation cup, to be able to easily put it into GouKaBoxer.
(Powdered lubricants or oily lubricants might deteriorate the silicone Masturbation Cup )

1. Using the same way as wearing "Boxer" to put on GouKaBoxer.
(I don't think we need the instroctions of waering Boxer, right? ...What?! You want to wear it the otherway round?!
2. After lubricate your masturbation cup, turn the entrance downward to insert, when push to the bottom, buckle the covered buttons to regulate the masturbation cup.
(If the entrence of the masturbation cup in hard to see, please use your fingers to adjust around the cup.)
3. Use the inflatable ball to fill in the air and luck tight, unplugged inflatable ball then hide the tube in.)
(TENGA belongs to the type of hard shell so it will be easier to be seen, if you care about the outlook, you can choose the cup which is soft selled.)
4. GouKaBoxer can be waer either inside or outside of the body suit.
(If wearing inside the body suit, the suggestion of suit will be the one which has the zipper (30cm) near crotch, if there is no zipper under, it will be better to waer outside.)If you wear GKB outside , you may quickly change the magazine

Photo Instroctions:(Warning:PG-13 or R-15)

TG-50.jpg R20-50.jpg

Manga Instroctions:Warning: R-18(you need pixiv(ピクシブ) account )





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