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GPZ-02 with customizing orders

GPZ-02 with customizing orders
1. We start selling our products for a long time.
Every 10 order or every two weeks is a batch
It could shorten the waiting time .
2. We increase a new choice: now you can order" Cleavage line without fake breast " It's for customer who had their own one.
3. We add photos for the customized tutorial.
4. We adjust production capacity and raise the production efficiency.

The new promoted GPZ-02 is not only made by customized fabrics that is produced by special manufacturer, but also provides you best color, elasticity and comfort.
We also provide the service for customizing, and upgrade the sewing quality to the highest level. We give dreams come true that our players always desire of : Cleavage line, options for toes.
Moreover, we provide breast padding. We want to provide you the most convenient and affordable experience.

Price: (The cost list here is not included shipping fee.)
GPZ-02: 135USD
GPZ-02 + cleavage line without fake breast : 165USD
GPZ-02 + B cup: 177USD
GPZ-02 + C cup: 183USD
GPZ-02 + D cup: 189USD
GPZ-02 + E cup: 201USD
GPZ-02 + F cup: 213USD

Due the the different shipping fee in different country, please notice the available area of paying button
Paypal buttom for Europe, North America and Oceania
(The weight of breast cups will affect the shipping fee, the shipping fee is included in the price )

NA_EU_OA_Pre-Order of GPZ-02 with customizing orders


Paypal buttom for Japan and Asia
(The weight of breast cups will affect the shipping fee, the shipping fee is included in the price )

JP_Asia_Pre-Order of GPZ-02 with customizing orders

Payment: by PAYPAL

We take your customizing orders; please fill out your body sizes carefully. Online Ordering page


It takes 6 weeks to produce your demands.
Customizing items: Cleavage line, Toes, Facial opening, Crotch opening.

How to wash:
We suggest you to wash by hands with woolite fabric wash.
Please use laundry bags before using washing machine.
Dry the suits without sunshine.





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Re: Suit Information

1. This is because our fabric has great flexibility. Under the condition of stretching, it is normal to see through color beneath. The fabric would be too thick if it cannot be seen through.

2. The white underwear is E+ cup (No E+ so far until now.) The pink color is D cup.

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I just paid for a japan/asia preorder but it was wrong since I was suppose to use the link for north america. If you have problems with the payments please contact me for further details

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